In Norwegian and Swedish, Fram means movement, a continuous journey forward.

This is also the name of the special ship of the Norwegian explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen that conquered both the Northern as well as the Southern pole.

Our name is not the only thing that has changed – we have come a long way from where we started under the name of Talot in 1990. Standing still does not fit our essence – we have knowingly invested in the development of our team, products and manufacturing, and we have reached yet another significant milestone in our journey, where the change must also be projected outward.

We believe that concrete is a dignified and durable material, which individually, or in synergy with other materials, expresses the trends of the living environment, thereby enriching the space that surrounds us.

We are not the largest enterprise on the market, but we manage to create huge structures that shape our daily urban space both in Estonia as well as abroad. We provide our input to help form the Estonian concrete market, and our work culture and commitment promotes the development of our respective field of activity and the creation of a better living environment. To create a better tomorrow.



We like concrete.
We like concrete solutions.
At Talot, we do our job with great dedication, and we make no allowances when it comes to our work.
We always do our best to deliver products that meet our customers wishes.
We are demanding of ourselves, and we are continuously improving in order to offer only the best to our customers.


Yesterday, our company celebrated its 28th business anniversary. Thank you to everyone who joined us at Erinevate Tubade Klubi for this occasion. The purpose of yesterday’s event was not to look back, but instead, towards the future. Over these years, we have collaborated with most of you in one way or another. I sincerely hope that your experience working with us has improved in time. I also see new ways we can move ahead.

In the last few years, we have worked hard solving our internal issues. Reflecting and acknowledging our shortcomings that need to improve, is never easy. We have had to leave behind people who do not share our values. We have looked for and found new eager people to replace them. We have organized workshops for our staff and made sure we are able to produce the best quality in terms of work and our products. We have invested in product development, production process and work environment. These internal changes serve the purpose of changing our leadership and its approach towards work, team and you – our partners.

This process has not been easy and is far from being completed. Nevertheless, our goal is to keep on moving forward.

In addition to internal changes, we have also made an external one. We say farewell to  Talot, our name for 28 years, and move on with Framm, the new name for our business venture.

We were inspired by the Norwegian explorer ship Fram (“Forward” in Norwegian), that was used by the explorers Fridtjof Nansen who tried to conquer the North Pole and Roald Amundsen who reached the South Pole. Both men were determined to reach their goal as they moved through difficulties towards their ambitions.

Following their lead, we want to move forward with Framm. We are in the midst of our journey with challenges ahead of us. But our vision is clear: we want to be the best in the Estonian concrete market. We want to be the best at what we do and how we do it. We want to be better at partnerships so we can design a better work and living environment together with you.

As of today, our website is available at and you can reach our people via email by entering their


AS Talot has been a godparent to the black rhinoceros Kibibi since April 2013.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the black rhinoceros was the most numerous species of rhinoceros in the world, but poaching in order to use their horns in folk medicine and producing souvenirs has meant that the rhinoceros are now in danger of extinction. Thanks to decades-long contribution of different organisations, the population of the black rhinoceros has started to gradually recover.

We support the rhinoceros – we help to help.


January 2016 The best apartment building in Tartu

The previous year, in 2015, Tartu city government issued a use and occupancy permit to approximately 200 buildings, from among which a jury selected the best six. The most representative buildings were selected from apartment buildings, detached houses and other buildings alike. Among new apartment buildings, Raatuse 68 residential building that stands out foremost for its technological solutions was chosen to be the best. According to the jury, it represents a comprehensive and complete solution of exterior and interior architecture. The building was built by Ehitustrust; elements were manufactured by Talot.

You can read the full article published in Tartu Postimees here.


AS Talot who manufactures concrete and precast concrete products and JK Kalev entered into an agreement, according to which Talot sponsors Kalev in purchasing training equipment for teams.

The club is happy to acknowledge that the company operating in Maardu and Lagedi also appreciates the physical and mental development of young people and contributes to offering ways for the young people to spend their free time through football.

On Saturday, 25 July, Kalev Stadium hosted Talot’s annual football tournament where eight-member teams from AS Muuga Betoonelement and Tech Group AS joined Talot. The win for this year’s competition went to Talot’s team. In addition to the players, a great many spectators, in total nearly 80 people, also attended the game.

The tournament was followed by a shared meal, and children were kept busy by the youth coach of Tallinn Kalev.


AS Talot is purchasing a concrete products unit from Rudus AS

On 22 October 2014, AS Talot and Rudus AS entered into a contract, pursuant to which AS Talot is acquiring a concrete products business from Rudus AS. As part of the transaction, AS Talot will acquire the entire concrete products business unit of Rudus AS located in Lagedi, together with its employees, production equipment, know-how, contracts and registered immovable. Rudus AS is focused on the manufacture and sale of mixed concrete and granite crushed stone.

Over the last few years, AS Talot has successfully grown its position on the construction material market. Acquiring a new business unit creates additional development options for the company and confirms its desire to remain among the leaders of the concrete products sector. This year, AS Talot rose to the 11th spot in the list of top construction material manufactures compiled by Äripäev.

According to Rasmus Kurm, member of the management board of AS Talot, the acquisition will give the company the opportunity to achieve its long-term goals: “Unlike the competitors, AS Talot operates on several commodity markets, and despite fierce competition we find that the concrete product segment is important to us and has potential. The transaction with Rudus AS gives us the opportunity to offer an even wider range of high quality products to our customers.”

Toomas Vainola, member of the management board of Rudus AS, assured that they are very happy about the agreement that they have achieved: “Party to the contract is a well-known and reliable Estonian manufacturer of construction materials who will continue our decades-long work. We believe that all customers will benefit from the synergy created and the experiences.”

Rudus AS was established in 1994 using the capital of the Finnish company Oy Rudus AB with the objective of offering high quality concrete and granite crushed stone to Estonian builders. As of 1999, Rudus AS is part of the CRH plc group registered in Ireland.

AS Talot is a manufacturer of construction materials with an experience of nearly 25 years founded on Estonian capital, whose product range includes concrete and precast concrete products and mixed concrete. AS Talot’s return on sales in 2013 was 10.7 million euros. Following the completion of the transaction, AS Talot will have a total of three production units with 190 employees in Lagedi and Maardu. According to an agreement between the parties, the purchase price will not be disclosed.


25 years ago, a decision was made to establish a factory of concrete elements on a field in Maardu. After the construction lasting half a year, Talot was registered as a company on 1 November 1990. Over the years, the production area has nearly doubled and the product range significantly expanded.

Today, customers know us well as a supplier of concrete and precast concrete products in Estonia. We are increasingly channelling our activity towards Scandinavian markets.

On 19 November, we invited our good friends to Talot’s birthday party at Viru Varietee. We aren’t that keen on presents, so we asked everybody to make a donation towards the construction of a home for polar bears living in the Tallinn Zoo instead of a present.

of concrete. without compromises.

You can sponsor the construction of the Polarium:
Tallinna Loomaaia Sõprade Selts
a/c EE432200221010716613 Swedbank
Keyword: Talot, new home for a polar bear


On 23 August 2016, the Finnish certification authority Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy issued a certificate no. 9521-01 to AS Talot, certifying that our production control system and production of precast concrete products also meet the Finnish national requirements for construction products.

Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy also issued an approval certificate no. 9522-01, certifying that large concrete slabs and other massive concrete elements (such as balcony slabs) manufactured by AS Talot that do not directly fall under the scope of any harmonised European standard also meet the Finnish requirements of construction products.

Inspecta certificate gives AS Talot the right to use the FI-marking on precast concrete products and continues the path that we have started on to become a major competitor on the Nordic market.


On 26 April 2016, civil and building engineering students from the Tallinn University of Technology came to see production processes of concrete products and precast concrete products at AS Talot.

The students were introduced to and they were more closely shown the source materials of concrete and different storage and dosing methods, mixing process of concrete mixture in case of different types of mixers, production of paving stones using the vibropress method, production process of stairs elements and single and triple-layer wall elements on large tilting vibro-tables, preparatory work for reinforcements and production of prestressed hollow core slabs.

Production managers of units helped to carry out the excursion in different departments and introduce the peculiarities of the production process and stages of quality control associated with it.


Talot spurs on the conservation activities of the Estonian Fund for Nature during the year of the black stork.

Read more here.

The black stork is a mysterious bird timid of people who, unlike its well-known white brother, has inhabited Estonia since ancient times. Over the last decades, the black stork has become so rare that each successful nesting is an event in its own right.

With the help of collected money, the ELF has made it their purpose to carry out seven conservation holidays in the feeding grounds of the black stork.

You can observe the life of one black stork family through a hidden camera installed near a nest here:


Thanks to continuously contributing to improving the quality and production, we have achieved a new objective and international recognition – in the beginning of February, Nordcert AB issued certificate no. 2211 to AS Talon, certifying that in addition to the EU building requirements applicable in Estonia, our production control system and production of precast concrete products also meets the slightly stricter Swedish national requirements.

Nordcert’s certificate gives AS Talon the right to use the BBC-marking on the products and supports our long-term export plans to Sweden.

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